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Original Hisense Roku Remote Control EN2A27 with Built-in - Netflix, Amazon, VUDU and YouTube Shortcut

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Part Number:HES-66-044
32H5C, 40H5C, 43CU6100, 43H5C, 43H6C, 43H7C, 43H7C2, 50CU6000, 50H5C, 50H6B, 50H6C, 50H7C, 50H7GB, 50H7GB1, 50H7GB2, 50H8C, 55H5C, 55H6B, 55H75, 55H7B, 55H7B2, 55H7C, 55H8C, 55H9B2, 65CU6200, 65H10B, 65H10B2, 65H6C, 65H7B, 65H7B2, 65H7C, 65H8C, LTDN55K2203GWUS. Also Compatible With: 17343N7000U, 2K366W, 30H5D, 32H4D, 32H5B, 32H5FC, 32K20, 32K20DW, 32K20W, 32K366W, 39H5D, 40H4D, 40H5, 40H5B, 40H5D, 40K366W, 40K366WN, 40K368AW, 42K316DW, 43H4D, 43H5D, 43H620D, 43H6D, 43H6E, 43H7D, 43H8C, 46K316DW, 46K360M, 46K366WN, 48H5, 49H6020E, 49H6030E, 49H6040E, 49H6050E, 49H6070E, 49H6080E, 49H6508, 49H6E, 49H6E1, 49H7508, 50DU6070, 50H4D, 50H5B, 50H5D, 50H5G, 50H5GB, 50H620D, 50H6D, 50H6GB, 50H6SG, 50H7050D, 50H7D, 50H7G, 55H65G, 55H6D, 55H6SG, 55H7G, 55K3201GUWUS, 65H6D, EN2A127H, EN2A27HT, EN2AN27H, EN2AS27H, EN2B27, EN2C27, EN2D27, EN2G27, EN33922A, EN33924HS, EN33925A, EN33926A, EN33927A, ERF6B11, LC17340N5000U, LC17343N5000U, LC-17343N5000U, LC17343N6100U, LC-17343N6100U, LC17343N7000U, LC-17343N7000U, LC17350N5000U, LC-17350N5000U, LC17350N6000U, LC-17350N6000U, LC17350N7000U, LC173-50N7000U, LC17355N6000U, LC173-55N6000U, LC17355N7000U, LC-17355N7000U, LC17360N5100U, LC-17360N5100U, LC17360N6200U, LC173-60N6200U, LC17360N7000U, LC173-60N7000U, LC17365N5200U, LC173-65N5200U, LC17365N7000U, LC-17365N7000U, LC17365N9000U, LC173-65N9000U, LC17375N8000U, LC173-75N8000U, LC40N5000U, LC-40N5000U, LC40P5000, LC-40P5000, LC40P5000U, LC-40P5000U, LC43N6100U, LC-43N6100U, LC43N610CU, LC43N7000U, LC-43N7000U, LC43P5000, LC-43P5000, LC43P5000U, LC-43P5000U, LC50N5000U, LC-50N5000U, LC50N6000U, LC-50N6000U, LC50N7000U, LC-50N7000U, LC50P5000, LC-50P5000, LC50P5000U, LC-50P5000U, LC55N5300U, LC55N6000U, LC-55N6000U, LC55N620CU, LC55N7000U, LC-55N7000U, LC55P5000, LC-55P5000, LC55P5000U, LC-55P5000U, LC55P6000, LC-55P6000, LC55P6000U, LC-55P6000U, LC60N5100U, LC60N6200U, LC-60N6200U, LC60N7000U, LC-60N7000U, LC60P6000, LC-60P6000, LC60P6000U, LC-60P6000U, LC60P6070, LC-60P6070, LC60P6070U, LC-60P6070U, LC65N5200U, LC65N7000U, LC-65N7000U, LC65N9000U, LC75N620CU, LC-75N620CU, LC75N8000U, LC-75N8000U, N6200U, RT167723, RT16772340K368AW Original HISENSE EN2A27 TV Remote Control Television