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Godar DRX 500 AM - FM - SW Stereo HD Radio Antenna

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Part Number:HES-44-078

  • DXR-500 is a 1/2 wave single 5 section telescoping rod indoor whip antenna with free air solid copper coil.
  • Passive class, non electrical, non amplified antenna for indoor use only.
  • Broadband whip receives AM,FM stereo,HD radio, including VHF/UHF/Long-wave including all the major meter bands on Shortwave & SSB Ham communications.
  • Omni directional on all Frequencies.Receive's stations from 360 Degrees.Directional,antenna rod may be angled for top signal gain on weak AM or FM station's. For SW, rod remains at full length.
  • Saucer base measures 5/1/2" in diameter. 1/2" in height.Antenna rod measures closed 9" fully extended 34"
  • Balanced 3ft connect wire & common F coax connector. Universal straight hard wire coax adaptor for connection to all antenna terminals.(fits all screw,vintage to modern push style antenna terminals.Optional F to Pal adapters and others may be added.Extension cables may be added.